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Home improvement tips

LCN #01 | Focus On Problems That You Solve

November 28, 20223 min read

Home improvement companies are always clear on what they sell. Double glazing, conservatories, blinds, flooring etc. But they are almost always unsure of how to find and present their services effectively.

When we speak with clients they tend to advertise this way

  • Take some photos

  • Ask people if they want said product

  • Offer a free quote

It is very boring… and it doesn’’t address any emotion behind the purchase. It works better than no message at all, but it’s lazy and potential customers only tend to respond when this works inline with an offer.

I would challenge everyone to think about the why first and work backwards.


Because “the value is in the problem”

What do I mean…? 

I mean that people need their problems solved.. If somebody believes that in the value exchange, their problem being solved outweighs your price, you will make sales.

I also believe that people will choose you, IF you show that you understand their problem.

I will give you some examples.

Conservatory Roofs Conversions

Problem: Your living space is freezing in winter and baking hot in summer. It’s almost unusable and you feel you are loosing valuable heat thats costing you money.

Solution: A new roof conversion will give you room you can use all year and save you wasting money on your heating bill. It’s quick and far more cost effective than replacing the whole structure.


Problem: The carpet is old, dirty and the raised parts are a trip hazzard. It’s a pain to hoover everyday and you are ashamed to have people round.

A wooden floor can be easily swept and washed, looks great, won’t raise up and will last longer.

In order to provoke an emotion that results in an enquiry or a sale, you should:

  • Raise awareness of a problem

  • Expand on the problem with a story that resonates

  • Offer a helpful solution

  • Introduce your current offer

  • Provide a way for people to contact you.

Where can this be used?

It’s my belief that the most effective way to use this, is with a consistent message across your channels.

On a website. This will gain organic traction for both the problem based searches and the service based searches on search engines

Facebook Ads & Posts - You can use loads of hooks across your ads. Generic ads do not get attention. Problems do! Use your ads to raise awareness of the problem, you page can then offer the solution.

Email & SMS - Season campaigns, for example are a great way to present a problem a subscriber maybe facing like gutters in autumn.

Summary - TL;DR

  • Focus your company on the problem you solve, not the service you provide

  • Highlight the problem

  • Twist the knife to agitate that problem so it resonates

  • Present your solution

  • Close with your offer.

Hi business owner

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Here to help

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Ben Collins

I have worked in the small business marketing industry for closing on 10 years now and have a broad knowledge specifically around lead generation including websites, landing pages, page ads, and marketing automation. I have worked across 30+ industries but now focus all my attention on the home improvement space where access to quality services is sadly lacking. If you would like to contact me you can find me on LinkedIn

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